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Griot is a grassroots charity with big ideas about getting people to collaborate to make change. We have two programmes: health promotion and getting more active with discussions and creating partnerships with grassroots groups and charities to develop social change.

After a pause in work to reflect on more sustainable ways to develop our projects, we are working again and following up on what people are telling us that they want. And that's where you come in. We would love to hear from you if you would like to attend our events and if you would like to work with us, we would also like to hear from you.  Also, we are looking for keen volunteers passionate about social media as a way to motivate and engage participation in developing and delivering our projects:

Fibroids Fysio - support group for women with and interested in knowing more about fibroids and how to make small, healthy lifestyle changes for improved wellbeing. There will be time for sharing experiences, discussions, natural therapies information and gentle exercises to increase energy, improve restful sleep, manage periods and encourage motivation to become more active. As part of the group you can make suggestions about invited speakers such as specialist surgeons and medical consultants
Dinner and discussion forums - on the challenges groups face to find both trust and time to collaborate over the longterm and secure funding levels that provide sustainability and lasting legacies of change.This would be of greatest interest to groups who want to develop joint projects and raise funds together 
Sugar and self-enslavement debates - challenging and humorous panel debates on why on earth anyone knowing the history and impact of excessive sugar-use would choose to consume it. Are some people addicted?  Is sugar consumption compatible with being socially conscious? Passionate debates have been had.  Join the fun of a controversial debate with a serious aim.  Come along to give your views and share your ideas

If you are interested in discussing a volunteering role promoting these or in discussing any other ideas click here

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